Greenham Tasmania’s Pure Black Beef has launched its Angus beef into a number of Woolworths stores across metropolitan and regional Victoria.

Pure Black Beef is the ‘little brother’ of the Cape Grim Beef brand and is 100 per cent grass-fed Angus yearling beef.

In line with Tasmanian law, the meat cannot have been administered hormone growth promotants (HGPs) or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) feeds.
Greenham managing director Peter Greenham said he was sure Victorian consumers would love the product.

“It’s got a rich and full flavour and most importantly, it will be consistent throughout the year due to the excellent grazing conditions and skill of our beef producers,” he said.

“We were also very pleased to hear that new butcher serveries were being constructed. The idea of the brand being front and centre in the cabinet so that butchers can really tell the story was more appealing than being just another product in the pre-pack section.”

Customers will be able to request their favourite steaks to be cut at their desired thickness or even truss up a roasting piece for a special occasion at the Woolworths meat serveries in Victoria.

In September last year, the Chronicle reported that Greenham’s Pure Black Natural Angus Beef had just been launched in Woolworths stores across Tasmania.

By Jelena Potpara, CH Chronicle