To protect access to trusted premium markets and ensure your eligibility for financial premiums, Greenham conducts on-farm NEVER EVER audits once every three years.

Greenham Natural Programs Administrator, Jhodie Farrelly, explained the NEVER EVER program underpins several of Greenham’s premium brands, which have been tailored to meet specific customer requirements in both domestic and international markets.

“Audits are about ensuring that the NEVER EVER program is still working for you and identifying areas where you might need support or clarification,” she said.

“During the audit, the auditor will check how records are maintained, and how animal welfare and grazing management is being carried out. The auditor will also accompany the producer on an inspection of the property to view cattle, yard facilities and medication storage.”

To help your next audit run like clockwork and retain your accreditation, Jhodie has compiled a list of helpful tips:

  1. Understand program requirements: the best way to prepare for an audit is to ensure you’re following program requirements and maintaining your records every day, not just in the days before the audit. Refer to your NEVER EVER Beef Program folder for the full list of program requirements or contact your local Greenham cattle buyer to order a new folder.
  2. Know your auditor: Greenham uses third-party auditors, Livestock Integrity Solutions Australasia (LISA) to conduct most of our on-farm audits; the rest are conducted by your local Greenham cattle buyer. As your accreditation is nearing renewal, your auditor will contact you to schedule a suitable date and time.For more information about LISA visit
  3. Keep the scheduled date: to avoid your accreditation lapsing and losing your eligibility for financial premiums, it’s important to try to stick to the original scheduled audit date as best you can. Of course, unavoidable, and unexpected changes will occur, but where possible, keeping to the original audit date will avoid unnecessary and time- consuming rescheduling, and accreditation lapses, ensuring you get the most out of every consignment. If you do need to change your scheduled audit date for any reason, be sure to notify your auditor as soon as possible.
  4. Allow enough time: on-farm audits typically take between 1-2 hours to complete. Ensure you’ve blocked out the appropriate amount of time to complete the audit and communicate this with your team. This will ensure the auditor gets everything they need in one go, reducing the need for follow-up visits or back-and- forth emails chasing up missing documentation.
  5. Address non-conformances in a timely manner: if any non- conformances are identified, they must be resolved within four weeks of the audit to retain your accreditation and eligibility for financial premiums.

If you have questions or need help, Greenham is here to support you make relevant adjustments and get the most out of the program.

All information collected during the auditing process is confidential.

For more information, contact Greenham Natural Programs Administrator, Jhodie Farrelly or 1300 548 378.