When buying and selling dairy-cross cattle, there are a few important factors to keep in mind to ensure cattle are eligible for Greenham’s premium programs.

Please note: dairy-cross cattle are not eligible for the Greenham NEVER EVER Beef Program.

Dairy-cross cattle may be eligible for the Greenham Dairy Beef Program (DBP) where both the dairy and the rearer are accredited, and cattle are sold with a DBP declaration. Cattle can then be finished on DBP or NE-accredited properties and will be processed under the DBP on their own pricing grid.

Checklist for purchasing eligible dairy-cross cattle:

What is the Greenham Dairy Beef Program?

All cattle consigned under the program must be raised on an eligible property and meet the following requirements:

Additionally, cattle must be at least 50% British, Euro or Wagyu beef breeds with bull selection aimed at achieving a balance of desired traits for both dairy and beef enterprises.

Contact your local Greenham cattle buyer for more information or to obtain a copy of the DBP vendor declaration form.