From 1 October 2024, all cattle consigned to Greenham under the NEVER EVER (NE) Beef Program must have lifetime accreditation.

Lifetime accreditation means that cattle must be born, backgrounded, and finished on NE-accredited properties only.

These changes will bring the mainland into line with existing practices in Tasmania.

While the program has always required lifetime accreditation in Tasmania, and lifetime accreditation is encouraged across all Greenham’s supply regions, historically mainland NEVER EVER cattle only needed to be finished on an accredited property to be eligible for NEVER EVER premiums and brands.

To talk us through the change, we sat down with Greenham Livestock Supply Chain Manager, Jess Loughland.

Greenham Livestock Supply Chain Manager, Jess Loughland

Why make the change?

Closing the NEVER EVER supply chain loop reinforces the complete confidence that we, our customers, and all of Greenham’s 4500 NEVER EVER accredited cattle suppliers have in the integrity of our on-farm programs, which underpin our suite of world-renowned brands.

What are the benefits for finishers?

Moving to lifetime accreditation gives finishers additional confidence that the cattle they purchased have been raised according to NE requirements and will perform within the NEVER EVER grassfed system.

What are the benefits for breeders?

Lifetime accreditation adds additional marketing value for breeders as finishers increasingly seek to source cattle with verified NE credentials.

Does the change affect eligibility for the 2024 winter base price agreement?

Only cattle with lifetime NE accreditation will be eligible for the 2024 winter base price agreement. Cattle consigned during the 2024 winter period without lifetime NE accreditation will be subject to spot pricing at the time.

Do animals need to be on an accredited PIC for their whole life to be eligible for NEVER EVER at slaughter?

Any cattle born on a property prior to accreditation are covered under the grandfather clause provided they are at minimum grassfed, HGP-free, and antibiotic-free.

For cattle bought in from other properties, the other farms need to become accredited to be eligible.

What if I have cows on my property that were not born on an accredited property?

These cows will not be eligible for NEVER EVER, however can still be sold to Greenham using a Greenham Grass Fed Vendor Declaration. Speak to your local Greenham Cattle Buyer for more information or to get a copy of a book of Greenham Grass Fed Declarations.

When and why was NEVER EVER first introduced?

NEVER EVER was first introduced in 2012 in response to growing market demand for traceable, premium grassfed beef, produced naturally. To demonstrate the best practice animal welfare of accredited producers, the program received Certified Humane accreditation in 2018.

The program reflects key consumer purchase drivers and underpins a number of our premium brands, which have been tailored to meet the requirements of more than 25 premium international markets, giving your beef a competitive advantage.

What if I’m a finisher and I’ve already bought cattle from non-accredited breeders?

If there are currently cattle on your property that you plan to consign after the 1 October cut-off date that were not sourced from NE-accredited breeders, we will work with you to try to get those breeder properties accredited.

We don’t want you to miss out on your hard-earned premiums, and we don’t want to miss out on your high-quality NE cattle.

For all future purchases, we strongly recommend purchasing from accredited NE producers as this will ensure a smooth transition and avoid any processing or payment delays after the October sunset date.

Where can I buy accredited NEVER EVER cattle for finishing?

Here are some steps you can take to find and purchase NEVER EVER cattle for finishing:

  1. Talk to your livestock agent or local Greenham Cattle Buyer for recommendations for breeders in your region.
  2. Keep an eye out for the green NEVER EVER stickers on cattle pens at your saleyards.
Keep an eye out for green NEVER EVER stickers on pens at your local saleyards to indicate accredited cattle.

3. Talk to your preferred breeders and check their accreditation status. If they’re not currently accredited, direct them to your local Greenham Cattle Buyer.

4. Look out for the ‘NE’ status in print and online advertising descriptions. To make it easier for accredited producers to source and sell NE-accredited cattle, the online selling platform AuctionsPlus has introduced a NEVER EVER filter. Check out accredited cattle for sale in upcoming sales here or read this fact sheet for more info.

5. Ensure we have your most up-to-date contact information and keep an eye out for our weekly email round-up of NE-accredited cattle coming up for sale. Contact your local Greenham Cattle Buyer to double-check or update your details.

If I’m a breeder, how do I advertise my cattle as NE accredited?

  1. Ensure your NE accreditation is up to date. Reach out to your local Greenham Cattle Buyer if you’re unsure.
  2. Include the ‘NE’ description in your digital and print advertising.
    1. To take advantage of the new NE filter, on AuctionsPlus, check out this fact sheet for simple steps to list your cattle as NEVER EVER.
  3. If you use a livestock agent, make sure they’re across your accreditation status. If you sell through saleyards, you can request green NEVER EVER stickers to add to your pen cards that let potential buyers know the accreditation status of your cattle.
  4. Either send the details of your cattle for sale or ask your agent to send to us on your behalf, for inclusion in our weekly email round-up of NE-accredited cattle coming up for sale.

Does Greenham offer any tools to help identify accredited cattle?

Greenham’s new carcase feedback platform, Greenham Connect is now live and can help you easily identify accredited breeder properties.

Click here for more information about Greenham Connect and how you can gain access.

For more information about this change to the NEVER EVER Beef Program contact or your local Greenham Cattle Buyer.