More than 350 guests have been invited to view the multimillion dollar renovations at Greenham Tasmania’s Smithton plant this Saturday at 10am.

Attendees on the day will enjoy a tour of the new facilities until midday followed by lunch at the Circular Head Community and Recreation Centre before official proceedings.

One of the company’s most important customers is the Japanese Aleph restaurant chain who have won many awards for environmental and sustainability policies. President of Aleph Akio Shoji will represent the company which is particularly attracted to Tasmania’s clean and environmental credentials. Mr Shoji has flown to Australia specifically for the company’s renovation celebrations and it will be a chance for them to appreciate the environment and company’s innovative technology.

Guests will represent all stages of the beef supply chain including more than 300 farmers. Many of the farmers participate in Greenham’s Aleph program which involves registering cattle at an early age and then managing their development carefully to ensure they meet a very strict set of specifications.

Wholesalers from all mainland states will also be present. These companies sell Greenham’s Cape Grim and Tasmania Natural Beef to butchers and restaurants right across Australia including locally at Stanley Hotel to the heights of Neil Perry’s Rockpool Bar and Grill, Brent Farrell’s eponymous Toowong restaurant and Restaurant Two and Three Bistro in Brisbane.

All members of the Greenham board will also visit Smithton on the day including managing director Peter Greenham. Mr Greenham said the company wanted to celebrate the opening of the plant and also provide farmers and customers with an opportunity to meet each other and exchange information. This is part of the company’s ethos to establish a partnership between the farmers who grow the animals and the customers who handle distribution both nationally and overseas.

For many of these farmers it will be the first time they have had the opportunity to talk with the owners of the Japanese chain that serves their beef in over 100 restaurants.

The guided tour will continue until midday when guests will move to the CHCRC where lunch, with Greenham’s beef the star ingredient, will be served before official proceedings commence at 2pm.

By Circular Head Chronicle