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Livestock Suppliers

Greenham purchases all types of cattle including manufacturing cows and bulls, beef cows, MSA grass fed yearlings and Jap Ox, Natural programs and organic. Our buyers work directly with farmers either at the farm gate, with agents or through a network of live weight buying centres.

Why farmers sell cattle to Greenham

Suppliers to Greenham are part of an important network of beef producers supplying both the domestic and international markets with high quality beef. Our buying team has a wealth of experience and is focused on developing and maintaining the relationships we enjoy with our farmer supply network and agencies.

Benefits of selling to Greenham:

  • Direct EFT payment within 36 hours
  • Health reports and MSA feedback (if applicable) with every consignment of cattle
  • Access to world leading Natural Beef programs and customers worldwide
  • Payment on the spot at our network of company-sponsored live weight buying centres
  • Friendly, experienced and knowledgeable service
  • Provides local employment for over 700 workers in regional areas
  • 100% Australian owned company investing in, and supporting local communities

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