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Sponsorship & Donations

Community-based sponsorships and donations are just one of the ways that we actively engage and contribute to our local communities.

Community Partnerships & Sponsorships

As beef processors, we service a range of stakeholders across regional and rural Australia. The company is committed to the positive contribution we can make in building strong, vibrant and sustainable communities, particularly connected to agriculture and processing.

Community partnerships and sponsorships are just some of the ways that we actively engage and contribute to our local communities.

Community Partnerships

It’s fair to say that rural areas experience challenges and hardship on a greater scale than their city counterparts. Whether it be drought, flood, unemployment or lack of opportunity, Greenham makes it a priority to understand which areas need assistance.

Community partnerships are typically initiated on a longer term basis (Three-Five Years); a time frame that enables both parties to effectively leverage the relationship and measure solid results.

Current partnerships:

Tasmania 2013-2018 – Agritas Trade College - Foundation sponsor – Education sector

Community Sponsorships

A community-based sponsorship is an exchange of money, goods or services between community organisations including sporting clubs, institutions, government bodies or individuals and Greenham for its corporate brand or subsidiary beef brands’ benefit.

Projects that are successful in receiving sponsorship need to provide evidence of the activity (post-event report, photography or media coverage) and include utilising and displaying our advertising material (such as banners, caps and aprons) at their events or permanent premises, or listing us as a sponsor on their printed advertising, emails or website.

If you would like to apply for community-based sponsorship, please review our Sponsorship Policy and our Mission and Values page before carefully filling in the following information:


  • Yes No
  • Financial / Legal status of your organisation / group.

  • Yes No
  • Please indicate which of the following promotional opportunities are available to Greenham if your application is successful:

  • Before you submit your application, please understand that each year we receive hundreds of applications and unfortunately we are unable to support all of them. In some cases, we may choose to support a portion of your request but seek your understanding if we politely decline your request entirely.


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