Our NEVER EVER Beef Program

The NEVER EVER Beef Program is our on-farm grassfed assurance standard, outlining stringent animal welfare and quality management practices for accredited cattle producers.

The program was established in 2012 in response to growing market demand for traceable, premium grassfed beef, produced naturally.

NEVER EVER raising claims reflect key consumer purchase drivers and underpin Greenham’s suite of premium brands, which have been tailored to meet specific requirements in both domestic and international markets. 

In addition to recognition for meeting industry-leading standards, NE accreditation makes you eligible for financial premiums when you sell cattle to Greenham.

With endorsement from Certified Humane®, the program underpins some of Greenham’s most renowned premium beef brands, including Cape Grim and Bass Strait, showcasing the rigorous welfare and sustainability practices of accredited producers. 

To be eligible for financial premiums when supplying Greenham, cattle consigned under the NE program must be:

  • Raising claim
  • Key requirement
  • Lifetime traceable

    Cattle must be individually traceable for their whole lives. Traceability can be recorded using NLIS tags and further strengthened by farm management tags and on-farm record keeping.

  • 100% grassfed

    Not fed grain or grain by-products for their whole lives. Click here for a list of approved supplements. 

  • Lifetime antibiotic-free

    Includes therapeutic and ionophores (e.g., Rumensin) in lick blocks and feed but not drenches. Animals that need to be treated for illness must be tagged and recorded.

  • GMO-free

    Supplementary feed cannot contain genetically modified ingredients. 

  • No added hormones

    Livestock must be HGP-free and not fed finishing diets that contain steroids.

  • Free range

    Never confined for intensive feeding.

  • Meat Standards Australia (MSA) eligible

    Cattle must come from an MSA registered property and meet the minimum standards for MSA grading.

  • Certified Humane

    High welfare outcomes are important to Greenham, our customers, and loyal cattle suppliers. Request a copy of the Greenham NEVER EVER Beef Program for more details.

How do I accredit with the NEVER EVER Beef Program?

  1. Check if you are registered with the MSA program. If not, register for free at www.mla.com.au/msa 
  2. Contact your local Greenham Cattle Buyer to schedule an on-farm audit

For more information contact  jfarrelly@greenham.com.au 

Further resources

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes. No animal should be denied necessary medical treatment. Treated animals should be clearly identified with a red ‘treated’ tag and recorded. 

    You can order FREE red ‘treated’ tags from your local Greenham Cattle Buyer.

  • On-farm audits are conducted with accredited producers every three years.


    Audits typically take between one to two hours to complete and all audit costs are covered by Greenham.

  • Lifetime accreditation strengthens the integrity of our on-farm programs that underpin our suite of world-renowned brands. Where all NEVER EVER cattle are bred, backgrounded and finished on NE-accredited properties, we can be 100% confident that cattle are raised in accordance with the program from birth to slaughter.

  • Cattle consigned under Greenham’s NEVER EVER Beef Program must not be fed grain or grain by-products, antibiotics (including ionophores e.g., rumensin), steroids or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) at all throughout their lives. 

    See this fact sheet for a list of approved supplements.

    The above list is not exhaustive and is periodically reviewed and updated. Supplements not listed in this fact sheet must be approved in advance by Greenham. 

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