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1933    Family business incorporated after operating as sole traders based in Victoria since the 1860s.
1953   Operating from Melbourne City Abattoirs, supplying mainly domestic market and some frozen lambs to the United Kingdom.
1963   Expanded into boning of meat for both the domestic canning market and mutton for the recently-opened U.S.A. market.
1969       Formed association with Frozen Foods Industries Limited and used their facilities for boning of meat for export. Built boning production up to a level of processing 600 cattle per day.
1979   Purchased Newport abattoir originally owned by Swift & Co and then R J Gilbertson Pty Ltd, with a slaughtering capacity of 550 cattle and 7,500 sheep and lambs per day.
1984   Formed one operating company, Gilbertson Greenham Pty Ltd, with R J Gilbertson Pty Ltd after foreseeing a downturn in the availability of cattle, sheep and lambs.
1988   Turnover for Gilbertson Greenham Pty Ltd topped $200 million, exports topped $100 million, and number of employees reached more than 1000.
1989   H W Greenham & Sons Pty Ltd sold its holdings after changes in the structure of R J Gilbertson Pty Ltd.
1993   H W Greenham & Sons Pty Ltd commenced operating a new hot boning plant at Tongala, northern Victoria.
2000   Instigated the Greenhams Dairy Scholarship.
2001   Exporting 24,300 tonnes per annum to the United States, slaughtering more than 164,000 cattle supplied by beef and dairy producers in southern Australia.
2002   Opened Greenham Tasmania at Smithton, processing for overseas markets.
2003   Instigated Greenham Tasmania Dairy and Beef Industry Scholarship.

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