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Greenham Agricultural Scholarship

Greenham partners with Marcus Oldham to cultivate the next generation of beef or dairy industry operators.

Greenham Agricultural Scholarship

In 2019, a strategic partnership was established with Marcus Oldham College in Geelong.  Our investment in agricultural education will be known as the Greenham Agricultural Scholarship with a focus on on-farm production, processing, logistics and marketing in beef or dairy.

This new $20,000 scholarship will only be available to students enrolled at Marcus Oldham in the first or final year of the Associate Degree of Agribusiness or Farm Business Management program and who have a strong interest in the Australian Beef or Dairy industries and will go towards paying course fees.

We believe that Marcus Oldham with its national reach and leading curriculum, produces future leaders in beef and dairy. We also recognise many previous winners of our Greenham scholarships studied at Marcus Oldham and it has been a quality breeding ground for agricultural thought leadership.

We will no longer be offering the Greenham Tasmania Agritas Scholarship or Greenham GoTafe Dairy Scholarship.

"Our company has always maintained a focus on supporting education. We are delighted to form a new partnership with Australia's leading agricultural institution - Marcus Oldham College in Geelong - to support and cultivate the next generation of beef or dairy industry operators."     

 Peter Greenham

For more information about Greenham scholarships, please email us.

Peter Greenham Snr with 2016 Victorian Scholarship Winner Alexandra Willaims

 “If you have a commitment to contributing to rural areas, if you’re looking for support in further study, if you want to make a difference - to your community, your family farm, your business - you should apply.”

2016 Winner, Alexandra Williams


Past Victorian Scholarship Winners

Year    Scholarship Winner
2020   Laura Greenfield, SA
2019   Forbes Boydell, NSW
2018   Eleanor Hodge, VIC
2017    Matthew DeCicco, Merrigum VIC
2016   Alexandra Williams, Merrigum VIC
2015   No Scholarship Awarded 
2014       Dr Ashley Phipps, Rochester VIC
2013   Katherine Lang, Taura VIC
2012   Katherine Snell, Merrigum VIC
2011   Jon Pearce, Tallygaroopna VIC
2010   Daniel Bacon, Tennyson VIC
2009   Simone Lee, Mathoura VIC
2008   Clancy Burn, Mount Gambier SA
2007   Ross Lister, Calivil VIC
2006   Robert Bonanno, Marionvale VIC
2005   Benjamin Govett, Dingee VIC
2004   Courtney Gronow, Pyramid Hill VIC
2003   Lisa Thompson, Longford VIC
2002   Matt McCready, Kyabram VIC
2001   Leo Phelan, Nathalia VIC