Fast Money
Gippsland, VICTORIA

In October 2017, Greenham Gippsland Pty Ltd was incorporated with the purchase of the former Moe Meatworks site. After extensive renovations and investment, the plant will be the most modern in the region.

The ‘New’ Moe Meatworks

The company has a strong focus on supporting beef and dairy producers in Gippsland with a reliable local operator to process their stock. Furthermore, the plant is a secure job environment for abattoir workers as the business expands capacity and production. The plant processes a combination of cows, bulls and premium cattle sourced from the best regions in Southern Australia.

Greenham Gippsland offers the standard 36 hour payment terms to all ‘over-the-hooks’ purchases to assist with cash flow to farm businesses. There are also four Live Weight Buying Centres – local weekly scales where producers receive payment on the spot for their cattle – across the Gippsland region.

Greenham’s brands and products are found on the menus of Australia's leading restaurants and exported to established customers in over twenty countries including the USA, Canada, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Maldives, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. Have you heard about Greenham’s new beef brand?  Check out Bass Strait Beef today.


Beef over the hooks


Why farmers sell to Greenham Gippsland

  • Direct EFT payment within 36 hours
  • Health reports and MSA feedback (if applicable) with every consignment of cattle
  • Access to world leading Natural beef programs and customers worldwide
  • Payment on the spot at our network of company-sponsored live weight buying centres
  • Friendly, experienced and knowledgeable service
  • Provides local employment for over 400 workers
  • 100% Australian owned company supporting local communities