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Cape Grim Beef
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Why do some of the world's most discerning meat consumers buy from Greenham Tasmania Pty Ltd?

Measuring Beef - cut and colour
Situated south of the mainland of Australia, Tasmania is one of the cleanest places on earth. The air and rain in Tasmania are pollution free.

So are the pastures and the hay on which the cattle graze and feed. Our meat is renowned for its excellent colour and marble score due to a low cartage distance from the farm to the factory which is ideally situated in the finishing district of Tasmania.

Meat exported by Greenham Tasmania Pty Ltd is all locally grown and processed and shipped under the highest meat hygiene standards.

Greenham Tasmania Pty Ltd has two main brands:

  • Greenham Tasmania Natural Beef
  • Cape Grim Beef
  • Pure South Natural Angus Beef

Both are guaranteed 100 percent HGP-free and Meat Standards Australia (MSA) and Organic beef is packed for Customer Specific orders.

Greenham Tasmania Pty Ltd processes quality beef for export and domestic markets in a variety of cuts and packages.

Meat safety and quality of product are the keynotes of the company’s operations, having applied a scientific approach to production processes for the control of food safety hazards.

Greenham Tasmania Pty Ltd products are processed using world’s best practices HACCP Quality Assurance systems incorporating modern food safety testing and stringent hygiene controls.

The company diligently adheres to a Meat Safety Quality Assurance Manual to ensure its products are wholesome, consistent, reliable and meet customer’s expectations.

The company has established a strong reputation for exporting quality meat to many parts of the world and is well-respected for 90 cl beef for the US markets as well as other products which Greenham Tasmania Pty Ltd sends to Korea, Japan and China.

Greenham processes:

Cattle at The Nut, Stanley, Tasmania
  • Japanese Bullocks
  • US Cow
  • Domestic Grain and Grass Fed Yearling
  • Export 150 Day Natural Grain Fed Beef
  • Young Bull

All products are guaranteed free of hormone growth promotant (HGP).


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