Fast Money
Tips for Applicants

Follow the criteria outline. It does not matter how many cattle your family or employer has sold to Greenham in the previous 12 months. One is enough to qualify!

Tips for Scholarship Applicants

It is absolutely critical to address the judging criteria set out in the Scholarship Information Sheet, and to make sure that you attach all the information requested.

While it is not a requirement that applications be typed, please do all you can to write neatly and ensure the documents are legible. Entries will not be judged on presentation, but it will make it easier for the judges to take in what you have to say.

The scholarship is not decided on academic merit

You do not need to have formal academic qualifications or have been a high achiever in your previous studies to have a chance to win the scholarship.

The scholarship is open to people who want to undertake short courses or training provided by local recognised training providers, as well as those seeking to undertake longer-term studies at tertiary institutions. You may not need the full $12,000 to undertake the studies, and the money may not necessarily be required to pay study fees.


Tips for Applicants


Please indicate how much you believe you might need and how it will be used. It might cover living expenses or, for example, if you are a mature student who is also running a farm, it might help cover the cost of hired labour to make it possible for you to undertake your studies.

The most important selection criterion for the scholarship relates to how important the money it provides is in being able to undertake the study in order to realise your potential and ambitions.

This accounts for 50 percent of the total points which can be awarded by the judges. It is essential to address this issue in your accompanying essay. Greenham does not expect applicants to disclose highly personal financial information, however some indication of your situation would be useful.

Personal, academic and/or industry activity and achievements to date are considered for another 25 percent of the points available . The information provided by your referees plays a strong part in determining how many points you receive.

The remaining 25 percent of points are linked to the potential benefits and/or relevance of your studies and future career plans to the Australian dairy industry. Your chosen area of study does not have to relate to managing your own farm or dairy herd. For example, it may be in a field that provides vital services to dairy farmers, or is critical to the dairy manufacturing sector. In your essay, try to paint a picture of how you intend to apply your learning and why it is important to the future of the industry, particularly at farm level.

It does not matter how many cattle your family or employer has sold to Greenham in the previous 12 months. One is enough to qualify!