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Tasmanian AgriTas Scholarship

The Greenham Tasmania Scholarship was established in 2003 to encourage young people to make a commitment to the improvement of the Tasmanian beef and dairy industries through education.

Greenham AgriTas Scholarships

The Greenham Tasmania Scholarship was established by Greenham Tasmania Pty Ltd in 2003 to encourage young people to make a commitment to the improvement of the beef and dairy industries through education.

In 2014, Greenham Tasmania and the newly formed AgriTas college formed a partnership to jointly run and promote the scholarship.  The college, which began operations in 2013, aims to provide practical agricultural training, specialising in dairy, beef as well as management and business administration.

The scholarship is open to applicants aged 17 to 45 years to undertake formal study relating to the dairy or beef industries.  Immediate family members and employees of anyone who has sold cattle to the Smithton-based meat processing plant of Greenham Tasmania Pty Ltd, during the previous 12 months are able to apply for the grant. The company has awarded almost $150,000 to the winning applicants since 2004 and will continue to support future leaders of our industry through these initiatives.

For more information about Greenham scholarships, please email us.


The Greenham Tasmania Scholarship is awarded on a range of criteria including:

  • how the applicant will use the money to improve their skills and knowledge
  • how important the scholarship is to them being able to realise their ambitions
  • potential benefits to the dairy or beef industries or farm enterprise
  • previous academic, industry and/or personal achievements

The winner is selected each year by an independent panel made up of representatives from on-farm, education and community sectors.


“With high global demand for agricultural food and fibre, agriculture needs young leaders who are ready to rise to the challenge and make use of emerging technologies to cope with globalisation of trade, climate change and sustainability. I’m really keen to see new pathways emerge where farmers can get a better picture of their operations, interpret the information and apply new technologies.”

2018 Winner, Stephanie Cowley, South Forest


Pipers River fifth-generation farmer William Baxter was presented with the 2016 'Greenham Tasmania Agritas Scholarship,' receiving $12,000  


Past Tasmanian Scholarship Winners

Year    Scholarship Winner
2018   Stephanie Cowley, South Forest TAS
2017    Josh Brown, Westbury TAS
2016   William Baxter, Piper's River TAS
2015   Emily Jones, Longford TAS
2014       Kristen Kay, Edith Creek TAS
2013   Emily Hall, Bridport TAS
2012   Tahlia Ling, Wynard TAS
2011   Ashley Hobbins, Burnie TAS
2010   Sandra Bales, Ringarooma TAS
2009   Robert Snare, Boat Harbour TAS
2008   Melissa Wheeler, Mount Direction TAS
2007   Rhys Beattie, Scottsdale TAS
2006   Kurt de Jonge, Stanley Tas
2005   Jane Sykes, Ringarooma TAS
2004   Michael Armstrong, Labertouche TAS