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Vintage Beef Co.

Luxurious marbling with a developed, grass-fed flavour from vintage cattle.

With age comes flavour

Beef from Galicia in northern Spain has been enjoyed by Europeans for years.

Our farmers have turned their breeding cattle out to pasture for retirement where they feed only on grass for at least 60 Months.

Because the cows are older, the meat has a rich, developed grass fed flavour alongside superb marbling.

The result, a distinct and unique eating experience, enjoyed by Europeans for years.


Vintage Beef Co.

Cattle & Meat Specifications

  • British and European Breeds
  • At least 60 months old
  • 100% Grass Fed
  • Hormone Growth Promotant (HGP) Free
  • Marbling MB2+ (3+ Reserve Available)
  • Natural State Hanging Method

Selected cuts include;

  • Bone-in Sirloin
  • OP Rib for dry age
  • Bone-in Rib Eye
  • Bone-in Fillet

For further information:
Contact us or call +61 3 9644 6500.



Vintage Beef Co.